The main raw material used in the manufacturing of ONUR PLASTİK pipe and additional parts is Polypropylene Random copolymer type 3.

This raw material is the main manufacturing material for pipes and fittings used especially for hot and cold fluids. It is chemically durable and maintains the heat transfer on a minimum level. This quality makes it easy to use it in both extremely cold and hot environments. The advantages of products manufactured using PPRC TYPE-3 as raw materials are:

  • It can be easily welded.

  • It can be laid in a short period.

  • It can be applied without any losses.

  • It requires a very low investment for the installer.

  • It resists PN25 bar at 20 °C.

  • It is guaranteed to sustain for 50 years.

  • It can be used at 95 °C.

  • There will be no corrosion.

  • Its diameter will not narrow down as a reaction to minerals.

  • It does not get rusted and pollute the drinking water.

  • It will not get frozen and crack under O°C.

  • It can be easily laid under difficult positions thanks to its flexibility.

  • It can be easily carried without tiring the workers with its weight being 1/8 of metal’s.

It makes it possible to load more on transportation vehicles and to lower the cost value.

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